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What is IDS?

IDS is a company under the name PT Inovasi Daya Solusi that has been established since 2014 and is engaged in Biller Aggregator that can connect IDS partners in Indonesia. IDS provides a system that can help partners to be able to receive payments through existing channels in Indonesia that are connected to IDS. Every transaction that occurs on IDS can be viewed and monitored directly by each IDS partner.

What are the advantages of IDS compared to other aggregators?

IDS not only provides services that can help receive payments, we also provide B2B services that can facilitate the company's operations than IDS partners.

How to connect with IDS?

For partnership IDS can contact via email to

For assistance and complaints on transactions, you can email to with 24/7 operating hours so that you can serve complaints and questions whenever needed.


What are IDS products?

IDS products are divided into various business segments, which are; Business to Customer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B).

  • B2C products include PPOB applications such as Solusipay which can be downloaded in the Play Store and Apps Store.
  • B2B products owned by IDS such as Payment Point, Setorku, PPOB, Ototrans, Sales Point, Merchant Onboarding, and VA.

What is Payment Point?

Service that provides a wide selection of payment methods from virtual account, e-Wallet, to offline store

What channels does IDS have for Payment Point?

IDS has offline or online channels such as Alfamart, Alfamidi, Dandan, Indomaret, Ceriamart, Tokopedia, Shopee, Ayopop, LinkAja, and others.

How to integrate Payment Point?

IDS provides several methods to use Payment Points to our partners.

Biller partners can use API as a means of Payment Point system integration. IDS provides API documentation for our biller partners to use when integrating.

IDS provides a Dashboard that can be a means for our biller partners to upload data that will be used in the consumer payment data needs of our biller partners.

In addition to using APIs and Dashboards, IDS also provides SFTP for a means of sending consumer data when receiving payments. Biller partners can also set the time related to updating consumer data according to needs.

What is Setorku?

Service that makes it easy for clients to deposit money through the nearest offline store

Benefits of Setorku?

The money from bills collected by our biller partner collectors can be deposited to channels connected to IDS.

The channel owned by IDS is similar with Alfamart to make it easier for collectors with a large distribution of deposit points.

How to integrate Setorku?

Our biller partners can use the API to connect their collection system with the Setorku API to use services from IDS.

What is PPOB?

Service that adds to user convenience by completing application facilities and make attractive user interface

What you get from PPOB products?

PPOB offers payment for various bills. The bill can be in the form of a utility (electricity bill; PLN, water bills; PDAM, BPJS dues, internet, telephone, Cable TV, and so on).

Start integration with IDS

Please contact for more information

What is Ototrans?

Massive transfer service to speed up send money to bank and e-Wallet

What banks can receive funds from Ototrans?

IDS has extensive connections with banks such as Bank Mandiri, BRI, Maybank, DBS, Bank Permata and other banks in Indonesia

Send funds via Ototrans to e-Wallet

Ototrans allows IDS partners to send funds to be transferred and received by e-wallets such as GoPay, LinkAja, DANA, and other e-Wallets in Indonesia.

How to integrate Ototrans?

IDS provides 2 options in integrating Ototrans:

  • API
  • Using the API, IDS partners can directly send requests through the system integrated with IDS for sending funds to the recipient of funds.

  • Dashboard
  • IDS partners who do not have API system infrastructure, can use the Dashboard provided by IDS to upload data that will be the recipient of funds

What is Sales Point?

Service that makes it easier for customers to make the first registration when applying for a loan

What channels are included in the"Drop Cash Zone"

The sales point channels owned by IDS are currently Alfamart, Alfamidi.

How to integrate Sales Point?

IDS will send customer data during registration through the IDS channel to the IDS partner via e-mail or SFTP provided by the IDS partner for data exchange channels

What is Merchant Onboarding?

Merchant Onboarding is an IDS product that provides services in helping kiosks and merchants register QRIS to help to help make money easier.

Required legal documents

  • UMKM
  • ID Card
  • NPWP
  • Company
  • Copy Of Deed Of Establishment
  • Copy of proof of endorsement and / approval from the relevant Ministry of the deed of establishment
  • Copy of deed of articles of association containing the latest composition of shareholders
  • Copy of receipt of notification from the relevant ministry on the deed of articles of association containing the current composition of shareholders
  • Copy of the deed of articles of association containing the current composition of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners
  • Copy of receipt of notification from the relevant ministry on the deed of articles of association containing the current composition of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners
  • Copy of NPWP Partner
  • Copy of identity document of the Board/Director

What is VA?

Virtual Account is a digital payment method through a special bank account that is intended for each user. Virtual Account (VA) will be able to much easier for users to identify who is making payments or transfers to the account.

Virtual Account benefits

Transactions can be done anywhere because it can be used in all Mobile Banking that provides Virtual accounts.

The types of transactions can vary from installment payments, daily shopping payments, credit purchases and many more.

Automatic payment confirmation is done for ease of Use.

Virtual Account features

Dynamic VA dan Static VA

  • Dynamic VA is a Virtual Account that changes over time from the creation of a Virtual Account and is not tied to a single entity or identity.
  • Static VA is a Virtual Account that has the same VA number and is usually connected to an identity of the user.

Open Amount and Close Amount

  • VA with an Open Amount model can accept payments with an amount that can be adjusted to what the user wants.
  • VA with a Close Amount model can be used to make payment of bills that are required to pay with a nominal amount of collectible and has been determined.

Single and Multiple Use

  • Single VA can only be used for one transaction and is suitable for dynamic Virtual account types.
  • While Multiple Use is a VA that can be used more than once and matches the static type of Virtual Account.

    Validity Period

  • The Virtual Account has a validity period, if the Virtual Account is no longer valid, the user is no longer able to make transactions with the Virtual Account owned, for the validity period, it can be adjusted to the needs of the partner who will issue the Virtual Account.

Service price

Please contact us at, our team will be happy to assist you.


How to register your business account activation (individual and corporate)

Partners are required to fill out the partner's On Board Form to complete the required data such as:

  • Company data (Name, Address, Phone Number, etc.)
  • Company owner Data (if registering for a company)
  • Legality documents required (if registering for a company)
  • Legality documents (KTP & NPWP) for accounts for individuals

Required legality documents

  • Copy of deed of establishment
  • Copy of endorsement and/or approval from the relevant ministry on the deed of establishment
  • Copy of articles of association containing the current composition of shareholders
  • Copy of receipt of notification from the relevant ministry on the deed of association containing the latest composition of shareholders
  • Copy of the articles of association containing the current composition of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners
  • Copy of receipt of notification from the relevant ministry on the deed of association containing the latest composition of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners
  • Copy of NIB
  • Copy of NPWP Partner
  • Copy of identity document of the Administrator/Director
  • Regulatory permission for the company (if relevant)

What types of businesses need to attach additional documents?

P2P, P2P lending, Remittance, Payment Gateway, Multi Finance, Bank, E-wallets / E-money, Insurance

Dashboard IDS

What features are in the IDS Dashboard?

IDS has several features for the Dashboard that can be used by Partners, as follows:

  • Product use
  • Products that have not yet used the API as a way of integration, can use the API as a means of using the product IDS by partners. The products that can be used through the Dashboard are as follows:

    Ototrans, Setorku, Payment Point, Merchant Onboarding, VA

  • Setting Price
  • Partners can set their own prices according to the wishes of IDS partner for PPOB products that IDS offers.

  • Technical Documents
  • IDS provides API documents that IDS partners can view and learn about before performing system integration. The API document can be used for all IDS product.

  • Sub-child account creation
  • If the partner needs subchild to control the sub child transaction, it can be created directly through the IDS Dashboard that has been granted access to the main account.


Cloud Security

Cloud performance relies a lot on reliability of connectivity, availability and also the flexibility to accommodate growth and to handle various types of traffic and workloads. IDS serves the service with proven high-performance connection through an agile, secure and always-on access data center to deliver the best user experience.

Network and Security

Have security hardening baselines, based on other security industry recommendations, to minimize risk to systems and connected networks.

IDS use industry standards to build in security for your system/software development lifecycle.

API Security

IDS provide authentication for consumers (users and/or systems) of the service in all circumstances (e.g. Web Interface, API etc.).

IDS annually conduct a vulnerability assessment / penetration tests on services.

Code Security

IDS currently uses guidelines to perform safe coding on every programming language used. It is necessary to ensure that the developments used by the company in the development are selected in such a way as to favor the realization of safe and reliable software characterized by a small chance of the appearance of information security susceptibility as a result of errors in the program.

Data Security

IDS encrypts all data in transit within the Cloud service,to and from business partners.

IDS data is protected from unauthorized access, copying, or modification.


Why I can't change my password?

If you forget your password, you can not change it yourself. Please contact our customer service.

Why I can't export / download my transaction list CSV format in dashboard?

If you can't export your transaction list into .csv (format excel file), please make sure several things:

  • By filtering the date, make sure the data is exist
  • Data have to seen in datatable
  • Export the right data by clicking export button

For other questions, please contact our customer service.

Why I can't upload my file?

If you can't upload a file , please make sure the file has the right format that is requested. Example: Image [.JPG, .PNG , .JPNG]

Is there any other question? Please contact our customer service.

Why I can't login to my account?

If you can't login to your account , please make sure the username and password that you input is right.

Incase you forget your password, there is two option for you to resolve:

  • Click forget password in your apps > Request by input email > There will be a link sent to reset your password.
  • Contact our admin to help you reset your password

If you have more question, please contact our customer service.

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