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Our Product

We provide payment aggregator services for your online payment needs


Massive transfer service to speed up send money to bank and e-Wallet

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Service that adds to user convenience by completing application facilities and make attractive user interface

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Service that makes it easy for clients to deposit money through the nearest offline store

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Payment Point

Service that provides a wide selection of payment methods from virtual account, e-Wallet, to offline store

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Sales Point

Service that makes it easier for customers to make the first registration when applying for a loan

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Application that simplifies the process of paying bills and helps customers and store owners make payments

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Merchant Onboarding

A service that helps kiosks and merchants to register QRIS and makes it easier for kiosks to get money.

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Service to facilitate clients with providing various payment channels that are connected to bank and simplify partners to easily get money

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Why choose us?

Small effort, Big impact

With IDS, all your business needs will be fulfilled

One Stop Solution

Various services are available from money disbursement, virtual account, offline stores, and other business payment needs

Fast and Easy

Connection becomes easier and faster with the adaptive system that IDS used


IDS has high level reliability and security

We are here to help you

Innovate to provide solutions