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Fast growing company

We are at an inflection point to achieve accelerated

Positive working environment

Closely tied and strong community team

Extensive career development

As much as you are willing to take and show excellence

Enrich skills and develop your potential

An atmosphere where learning is always on the to do list

Latest technology stack

Working experience with cutting edge technologies

Individual exposure

Highly passionate and cohesive team to boost networking

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Strong Community

We believe that supportive colleagues are an important part of the development of an individual and a company. Support from colleagues provides a comfortable working atmosphere and lightens the burden on tiring days. This is what forms a close bond between colleagues at IDS.

Dream Big, Work Hard, Play Fun

We have a strong culture to work hard in every project that we do. However, the harder we work, the stronger refreshing we get. Since the beginning, we always hold company outing events to appreciate the one-year great work of all staff that has been giving significant growth to our company.

Cozy Environment

Did you know that a comfortable work environment plays a significant part in an employee's productivity? Not only that, it can also affect an employee's relationship, cohesion and motivation. IDS recognized this fact and thus, provided a workplace that promotes employee’s growth and well-being!

Double, Triple, Quardeple Coverage

At IDS, we believe that health is an important thing to sustain a happy life. That’s why we provide an extra convenience as you contribute to the company’s growth. Through the health insurance that we provided, no more worries paying the doctor & hospital bills! You can now settle back and relax while recovering back to health!

I am very delighted to given opportunity to work at PT Inovasi Daya Solusi for about 5 years. I notice a great togetherness, communicative and respect in this company. The work environment has sense of kinship while still prioritizing professionalism. To colleagues who still have a career opportunity in PT Inovasi Daya Solusi, I advise to maintain a high trust and integrity, working together in keeping with management expectations and targets.

Dwi Puspo Setyorini


Fresh starts with new challenge...

Every day I do a lot of things to build products and continue to synergize with our team members in serving customers to create new partnerships.

Raynaldo Thendyliputra


When I joined PT Inovasi Daya Solusi, one thing that impressed me the most was the attitude of all employees. I always sense their loyalty to the company in most of the team. Another great thing about working here is that a 'typical day' is never typical, there is always something challenging and everyday is filled with new learning opportunities.

Syifa Nadhifah

HR General Affairs

Intern in PT Inovasi Daya Solusi has memorable experiences. Here, we don't need to worry about learning and progressing. IDS has such humble seniors that will assist you to solve the problem. IDS supports a positive working environment especially for a person who likes to learn and mingle. Not to mention, I got a supportive and thoughtful friend. IDS has been using Cloud as project data storage, so as System Analyst, it gives major help to maintenance data. In here, I trusted to work as a staff, not intern.

James Henderson

System Analyst Intern

IDS became my first internship experience and it was beyond my expectations. In my opinion, IDS provides an enthusiastic environment to learn and start joining the worklife. This company has a casual work style and clear system such as workflow, schedule, and task given that is coherent. The relations between senior and junior are not too formal, even though I got close to some seniors. Besides, as a mobile developer intern, I learn a lot about work life, especially what is happening in the financial services industry.

Steven Santoso

Mobile Developer Intern

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